Wednesday, June 24, 2009

Tried it.. IT WORKS!!!!

While visiting Maine, we were hooked up with Insect Shield clothing..what is it? it's a new technology that has converts clothing into long lasting protection against those unwanted pesky bugs!!!

Now pay attention.. if you watch the show... look at some of our shoots.. that is NOT dust or black fuzzies on the camera lens.. those are BUGS and SWARMS of them... I HATE BUGS!!! I am certain that our editor will use a few of my outtakes this season, eating bugs, choking on bugs,freaking out because there are sooo many bugs...

but let me get back on track....

this clothing.. I was a little skeptical of.... I mean Camera Man Doug wears the stuff you shouldn't, it even eats the camera!!.. and I need some kind of protection!!! the family bug spray from off on the clothes just doesn't cut it...

Well this stuff DID! Both days I rode i had on the long sleeve t' and also the bandana... i tell you... I was looking around at other people and they had swarms of bugs on them and around them... swatting them.. cursing at them... me..? I had a few buzzing around me.. but not a single BITE!!!in 4 days I did not get a bite!!!This was super exciting.. Now Maine didn't have the swarming population like we do here in Ontario.. so the real test was to come during the test rides we have done these past few weeks....I am happy to say.. I have two bug bites on my ankle.. and they are not there from test rides... from putting the dogs out!
the other great thing.. being pregnant you are not supposed to wear any of the sprays... this clothing is safe to wear and also great for kids!
make sure you check it out.. it comes in great styles, brands and can handle up to 70 washes!!! and if you ride with me.. well you know i need to wash my gear.. A LOT!

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