Wednesday, June 17, 2009

Maine- the trails... WOW

Ok Ok I use the word WOW alot!! but these trails are fantastic..!!!! they have EVERYTHING! we rode right out of Northern Outdoors on the trails of Maine that gave us some logging roads, brand new trails with trees and stumps and major challenges and some nice forrested trails... and the bugs weren't so bad!!! Our First day we were joined by Alyssa Harvey and her mom Joy! Jim from Northern outdoors was our fearless leader and lead us on a 50mile trek!
Did i mention we started a bit late our first day? yup! ran the truck and trailer minus one wheel up the road to a local garage to have the bearing replaced and hopefully no further damage! after the trailer was dropped off.. it was a thought in the back of my mind.. pack up and let's roll!!!
o wait breaky first!!! my gosh this place believes in serving you lots.. I asked for "just a few homefries" my plate was covered!! along with my eggs and crispy bacon.. yummmm!!! ooo and fresh homemade bread/toast.. i am totally in heaven!!!

We were spoiled! We even got a cabin with 3 bedrooms, full kitchen, my room had it's own bath attached.. bathtub= jacuzzi!!!by the end of this wet soggy day.. that's all i had on my mind to jump into!!!! yes it was soggy.. but we had sooo much fun!!! lunch stop was awesome. We went into Greenville. it's really neat the town opens up and allows ATV's to head thru right downtown!
back on the trails we headed back to Northern outdoors.... a little less soggy when we started out then when we arrived.....
it was a wet meeting when we got back to the resort and met our viewers that would be joining us on the next day's ride.. Rodney and Becky.

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