Tuesday, June 23, 2009

A day on the trails with Mike Holmes!

WHo KNEW this guy liked mud more than he likes "making it right!"
any puddle, mud, dirt, grime, sand .. Mike certainly found it.. and then spread the love around... I had the fortunate timing of riding behind him for some length of time.. then I got wise and let kyle jump in behind him.

This was my first time riding the trails in Base Borden.. not what i thought it would be.. they are awesome! you really don't have any idea that you are located in a base.. well until you run into training excersises or your cameraman gets lost and your guide knows it before you do.. needless to say it was the perfect location to get lost.. I think everyone on the base knew Kyle was lost before he knew it!!!

We had one more guest with us on this trip, Josh Grills from the OFSC, he's the marketing program admin. I was a little concerned that he doesn't get out of the office enough.. but he was definately an added bonus.. he rode behind me.. hence I had a hero on numerous mud holes.. also thanks to Mike Lester who pushed me out and took the muddy end of that!!! :) But i'm sure you can understand my concern when in this first pit stop - aka- lake .. Josh spent most of his time sideways and ruining his shoes, jeans and everything else he could.. not sure if he does his own laundry!?

so so far on the base, we had some dirt roads, the sand dunes complete with lake.. and now onto the forested areas.. with lots and lots and LOTS of mud! I am up for just about anything.. but there was a couple of times.. i looked for the back door..exit this way.. some of the mud holes were crazy deep and left me floating in one.. as mentioned.. josh made his way on the 850 and managed to wrestle mine out of it's floating mud bath.. o and Mike Lester.. you thought you'd get out of this didn't you!??? nope!!!! last large mud hole.. i took the exit, Mike and Josh decided to go on through.. Mike Holmes liked it soooo much he did it 2 or 3times!!! but well yes.. there is Mike stuck.. blocking everyone from having any fun!

Looks like Paul Stewart from Cycle Canada finds Mike's predicament pretty funny! hey nice pants Paul!!!

what an awesome day! and with 200 participants monies raised for the Holmes foundation was over $5000.00! a Great start to help more people in the Trades industry...for more information on how you can help.. please make sure to visit

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