Wednesday, June 17, 2009

Maine- the trip there...

the plan was to leave early Monday Morning and get there around dinnertime.. not a bad drive according to mapquest.. 10.5hrs.. we've done worse. I picked up the Dodge and trailer with 4 atv's Sunday afternoon.. Thanks for packing it all up AJ!!! :) so i was ready at 630am Monday morning... Camera guy Doug.. wasn't.. just a little late.. when he told me how long he was going to be driving to my place i think he missed an hour!! So we hit the road just before 8am monday morning.. not bad! Err it quickly went down hill from here... I don't know what it is everytime I travel with Doug S#$^ hits the fan..FAST!

so 2 provinces.. 4 states later..3 gas stops and 3 rest breaks... we pull into Northern Outdoors in The Forks, Maine.. so not too bad right? i mean a few detours...3 hrs past the estimated arrival time we even ate on the road... we had meat, carbs and dessert!

we were thrilled not only to be there.. but the resort is amazing! huge fireplace , comfy couches and a bar with it's own brewery in it!!! the bartender was kind enough to stay open for us and pour doug a beer..

but then it was get our keys for the cabin and hit the sack.. plan was to start at 7am for breakfast and be on the trails by 830-9am!

ERRR STOP THE TRAILER!!! one more episode before bed...

well our drives just wouldn't be the same without real life episodes right!?

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