Saturday, July 11, 2009

Self Proclaimed "ATV CAPITAL" of the WORLD!

Just back from Gillet Wisconsin, in beautiful Oconto County, (It's about 30 minutes north east of Green Bay..) population of 1300 and out of those 1300 every house has an ATV. no kidding! And boy do they have some good trails for those ATV's! Gillet Railrunners link up with many other clubs and miles of trails.
We were treated to some great hospitality from Sleepy Hollow Motel a big huge thanks for their warm welcome.. they have a great spot.. off the highway so it's nice and quiet, a bar right on site.. and it always seemed busy.. !
Our day on the trails started out with a HUGE breakfast at OJ's... Owen and Joan have been doing this for a bit.. and boy their food and portions are fantastic! Did I mention she bakes pies EVERYDAY!? no kiddin! and i'm not talking about 1 or 2 kinds.. try 8-12 different kinds daily... and yes you guessed it THey are KNOWN for the best pies in the STATE! yumm yumm! it was pretty hard dragging Doug out after he saw the banana cream pie come out.. sigh! We had work to do and trails to hit!

We started off on the railbed on the way to the trestle bridge.. close to 100yrs old! and pretty high up.. yes if you look at the pics.. you can see doug way way wayyyyy down there! He will do pretty much anything for the shot... i think the guys were worried he'd run into a bear or something!the great thing about riding the railbed.. aside from getting really dusty is you can go quite a distance on it as it's really smooth riding..and it gets you to other types of trails and the play area.. o but that's another day.. ;) Doug worked us pretty hard so we decided it was lunch time and gas stop.. we needed something quick so we could finish up our shoot for the day and get Doug back to OJ's before all the banana cream pie was gone!

Thanks to Jerry's hospitality and Shell station we were able to grab some Chester Fried Chicken and a quick fuel stop for the ATV's before we headed out to see some more club trails.

now I am NOT high maintenance.. but when they said they'd groom the trails for us.. I mean how can you say no to that?


ok, so railbeds aren't your thing!? try the play area.. WOW! talk about fun... miles and miles of sand, dunes, mud, trails, trees just about anything you could ever want!!!! We had a few more riders with us today and boy even the kids had a great time!!!

but if Mud is your thing.. ooo ya they have it!!! we hit a bit of a dry spell when we were there.. but they assure us there is mud all over.. and well yup we found it!!! :)

I was hungry after getting stuck in the mud.. make sure to watch the show to see just how deep it was!!! we headed to Logans.. Doug and I had ventured to this pub the first night we rolled into town.. Mark and Dina were awesome hosts and the FOOD WOW WOW WOW!!! amazing!!! everything is sooo fresh... o and soooorrry Perry.. I have to show everyone the size of the burgers.... ;)

Thanks sooo much for the big warm welcome from everyone at Gillet!!! stay tuned for when the ATV capital of the world will air!!!

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