Thursday, June 18, 2009

a day with some viewers!

Rodney did it... emailed Dirt Trax Tv and suggested we ride in the forks, Maine ... and that he would love to join us... so we invited him to ride with us and see what TV is all about.... Rodney and his other half Becky will be on the Maine Episode so keep your eyes peeled!! and remember.. you might get what you ask for.. Rodney sure did.. Hey thanks Rodney.. the atv's haven't been cleaner... but maybe the trailer should have got some TLC ;)!!!boy did we have a gang to ride with today!!! Jim Lane from ATV Maine and his g/f, Alyssa and Joy, Jim our fearless leader, and many many others!!!! Did i mention Tv always starts late????
thank goodness Rodney was riding with us and was able to figure out the little glitch in my ride!!!

yaup, leave it to me .. anything to have one more cup of coffee and some of that yummy fresh bread from the lodge!!! :) after we got the glitch worked out.. we headed off to the trails...

Today the trip was over to the falls, Moxie Falls.. a great ride...and many moose along the way!!! The rain even held off for us! I think Jim Lane from ATV Maine summed up the area the best...

Stay tuned to Dirt Trax TV to see all the trails and great riding from Northern Outdoors with Rodney and Becky and ATV Maine!

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