Sunday, June 7, 2009

Bad blogger...

o boy.. close to a month has passed since i last posted a blog... what's happened in a month.. my calendar has so many chicken scratches appointments and test rides on it, it's no wonder i can even see the page! Not to mention all the meetings and planning for trips.. this season you can expect to see us travelling all over USA and Canada finding some really sweet locations to ride.. and of course the hotels, motels, resorts and camp areas that make those trails really special!
I won't give any away but stay tuned for some upcoming muddy trips that will really give you the itch to travel and visit these not so far destinations!
Make sure you catch the season premier that airs June 13th!
check out Dirt Trax for your local listings and times... don't worry if you don't get the channel or missed the episode.. the web portal is always on!!!

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