Wednesday, June 24, 2009

Tried it.. IT WORKS!!!!

While visiting Maine, we were hooked up with Insect Shield clothing..what is it? it's a new technology that has converts clothing into long lasting protection against those unwanted pesky bugs!!!

Now pay attention.. if you watch the show... look at some of our shoots.. that is NOT dust or black fuzzies on the camera lens.. those are BUGS and SWARMS of them... I HATE BUGS!!! I am certain that our editor will use a few of my outtakes this season, eating bugs, choking on bugs,freaking out because there are sooo many bugs...

but let me get back on track....

this clothing.. I was a little skeptical of.... I mean Camera Man Doug wears the stuff you shouldn't, it even eats the camera!!.. and I need some kind of protection!!! the family bug spray from off on the clothes just doesn't cut it...

Well this stuff DID! Both days I rode i had on the long sleeve t' and also the bandana... i tell you... I was looking around at other people and they had swarms of bugs on them and around them... swatting them.. cursing at them... me..? I had a few buzzing around me.. but not a single BITE!!!in 4 days I did not get a bite!!!This was super exciting.. Now Maine didn't have the swarming population like we do here in Ontario.. so the real test was to come during the test rides we have done these past few weeks....I am happy to say.. I have two bug bites on my ankle.. and they are not there from test rides... from putting the dogs out!
the other great thing.. being pregnant you are not supposed to wear any of the sprays... this clothing is safe to wear and also great for kids!
make sure you check it out.. it comes in great styles, brands and can handle up to 70 washes!!! and if you ride with me.. well you know i need to wash my gear.. A LOT!

Tuesday, June 23, 2009

A day on the trails with Mike Holmes!

WHo KNEW this guy liked mud more than he likes "making it right!"
any puddle, mud, dirt, grime, sand .. Mike certainly found it.. and then spread the love around... I had the fortunate timing of riding behind him for some length of time.. then I got wise and let kyle jump in behind him.

This was my first time riding the trails in Base Borden.. not what i thought it would be.. they are awesome! you really don't have any idea that you are located in a base.. well until you run into training excersises or your cameraman gets lost and your guide knows it before you do.. needless to say it was the perfect location to get lost.. I think everyone on the base knew Kyle was lost before he knew it!!!

We had one more guest with us on this trip, Josh Grills from the OFSC, he's the marketing program admin. I was a little concerned that he doesn't get out of the office enough.. but he was definately an added bonus.. he rode behind me.. hence I had a hero on numerous mud holes.. also thanks to Mike Lester who pushed me out and took the muddy end of that!!! :) But i'm sure you can understand my concern when in this first pit stop - aka- lake .. Josh spent most of his time sideways and ruining his shoes, jeans and everything else he could.. not sure if he does his own laundry!?

so so far on the base, we had some dirt roads, the sand dunes complete with lake.. and now onto the forested areas.. with lots and lots and LOTS of mud! I am up for just about anything.. but there was a couple of times.. i looked for the back door..exit this way.. some of the mud holes were crazy deep and left me floating in one.. as mentioned.. josh made his way on the 850 and managed to wrestle mine out of it's floating mud bath.. o and Mike Lester.. you thought you'd get out of this didn't you!??? nope!!!! last large mud hole.. i took the exit, Mike and Josh decided to go on through.. Mike Holmes liked it soooo much he did it 2 or 3times!!! but well yes.. there is Mike stuck.. blocking everyone from having any fun!

Looks like Paul Stewart from Cycle Canada finds Mike's predicament pretty funny! hey nice pants Paul!!!

what an awesome day! and with 200 participants monies raised for the Holmes foundation was over $5000.00! a Great start to help more people in the Trades industry...for more information on how you can help.. please make sure to visit

Thursday, June 18, 2009

a day with some viewers!

Rodney did it... emailed Dirt Trax Tv and suggested we ride in the forks, Maine ... and that he would love to join us... so we invited him to ride with us and see what TV is all about.... Rodney and his other half Becky will be on the Maine Episode so keep your eyes peeled!! and remember.. you might get what you ask for.. Rodney sure did.. Hey thanks Rodney.. the atv's haven't been cleaner... but maybe the trailer should have got some TLC ;)!!!boy did we have a gang to ride with today!!! Jim Lane from ATV Maine and his g/f, Alyssa and Joy, Jim our fearless leader, and many many others!!!! Did i mention Tv always starts late????
thank goodness Rodney was riding with us and was able to figure out the little glitch in my ride!!!

yaup, leave it to me .. anything to have one more cup of coffee and some of that yummy fresh bread from the lodge!!! :) after we got the glitch worked out.. we headed off to the trails...

Today the trip was over to the falls, Moxie Falls.. a great ride...and many moose along the way!!! The rain even held off for us! I think Jim Lane from ATV Maine summed up the area the best...

Stay tuned to Dirt Trax TV to see all the trails and great riding from Northern Outdoors with Rodney and Becky and ATV Maine!

Wednesday, June 17, 2009

Maine- the trip there...

the plan was to leave early Monday Morning and get there around dinnertime.. not a bad drive according to mapquest.. 10.5hrs.. we've done worse. I picked up the Dodge and trailer with 4 atv's Sunday afternoon.. Thanks for packing it all up AJ!!! :) so i was ready at 630am Monday morning... Camera guy Doug.. wasn't.. just a little late.. when he told me how long he was going to be driving to my place i think he missed an hour!! So we hit the road just before 8am monday morning.. not bad! Err it quickly went down hill from here... I don't know what it is everytime I travel with Doug S#$^ hits the fan..FAST!

so 2 provinces.. 4 states later..3 gas stops and 3 rest breaks... we pull into Northern Outdoors in The Forks, Maine.. so not too bad right? i mean a few detours...3 hrs past the estimated arrival time we even ate on the road... we had meat, carbs and dessert!

we were thrilled not only to be there.. but the resort is amazing! huge fireplace , comfy couches and a bar with it's own brewery in it!!! the bartender was kind enough to stay open for us and pour doug a beer..

but then it was get our keys for the cabin and hit the sack.. plan was to start at 7am for breakfast and be on the trails by 830-9am!

ERRR STOP THE TRAILER!!! one more episode before bed...

well our drives just wouldn't be the same without real life episodes right!?

Maine- the trails... WOW

Ok Ok I use the word WOW alot!! but these trails are fantastic..!!!! they have EVERYTHING! we rode right out of Northern Outdoors on the trails of Maine that gave us some logging roads, brand new trails with trees and stumps and major challenges and some nice forrested trails... and the bugs weren't so bad!!! Our First day we were joined by Alyssa Harvey and her mom Joy! Jim from Northern outdoors was our fearless leader and lead us on a 50mile trek!
Did i mention we started a bit late our first day? yup! ran the truck and trailer minus one wheel up the road to a local garage to have the bearing replaced and hopefully no further damage! after the trailer was dropped off.. it was a thought in the back of my mind.. pack up and let's roll!!!
o wait breaky first!!! my gosh this place believes in serving you lots.. I asked for "just a few homefries" my plate was covered!! along with my eggs and crispy bacon.. yummmm!!! ooo and fresh homemade bread/toast.. i am totally in heaven!!!

We were spoiled! We even got a cabin with 3 bedrooms, full kitchen, my room had it's own bath attached.. bathtub= jacuzzi!!!by the end of this wet soggy day.. that's all i had on my mind to jump into!!!! yes it was soggy.. but we had sooo much fun!!! lunch stop was awesome. We went into Greenville. it's really neat the town opens up and allows ATV's to head thru right downtown!
back on the trails we headed back to Northern outdoors.... a little less soggy when we started out then when we arrived.....
it was a wet meeting when we got back to the resort and met our viewers that would be joining us on the next day's ride.. Rodney and Becky.

Sunday, June 7, 2009

Bad blogger...

o boy.. close to a month has passed since i last posted a blog... what's happened in a month.. my calendar has so many chicken scratches appointments and test rides on it, it's no wonder i can even see the page! Not to mention all the meetings and planning for trips.. this season you can expect to see us travelling all over USA and Canada finding some really sweet locations to ride.. and of course the hotels, motels, resorts and camp areas that make those trails really special!
I won't give any away but stay tuned for some upcoming muddy trips that will really give you the itch to travel and visit these not so far destinations!
Make sure you catch the season premier that airs June 13th!
check out Dirt Trax for your local listings and times... don't worry if you don't get the channel or missed the episode.. the web portal is always on!!!