Wednesday, May 6, 2009

Spring Jam.. where you get MUDDY!

Saturday , well the weatherman was wrong! We were greeted with blue skies and no rain!!! Our plan for the day was to hit the Grand Trunk Trail.. with the Can Am group and our Guide Steve Tait... he promised us mud, water, great trails and some fun riding.. well he came through!

We left the Foley Fairgrounds and headed south.. towards the Welcome Centre on hwy 69/ 400 and the Seguin trail. We had many different options for trails and level of difficulty.. so don't worry if it's your first time on the trails.. there will be something for you!!! Steve , our guide didn't waste anytime in getting us muddy and wet.. about 5 minutes into the ride... a long puddle was waiting for us... it didn't look too bad .. until you got INTO it , and I mean INTO it.. feet up!!! the mud/ water reached up and over the seat for most of us.. Poor Vern in the Razor... he was wet and we had hours to go.. but that's the name of the game right.? the muddier, the wetter.. the better the ride? Steve took us on trails that were easy, muddy and some pretty challenging.. did i mention mud and water??? I think steve was trying to see how muddy he could get us!!! I was really lucky to be on the Can Am Outlander Max.. nice soft ride and had all the bells and whistles.. well except something to dry me off with! The crew and I had a fantastic time.. thanks so much to all that helped on this event! now back to rocky crest to dry off !

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