Wednesday, May 6, 2009

Spring Jam 2009

When Spring Jam promised DTX fun and mud.. boy o boy did they ever deliver!!! what a week end! It started for us on Friday when we participated in the Poker run... The run went right downtown Parry Sound !!! Along oastler park drive and headed right into Parry Sound to many different Sponsors! Many ATV ers take it for granted but Parry Sound opened it's doors for all of us this past week end!!! We got to see the sights, meet sponsors of the poker run and enjoy lots of other ATV ers enjoy their day!

altho we didn't win the big prize for the poker run.. we did have a great time and were able to see a lot of Parry Sound. But the big draw for friday was the Rumble Ride.. This week end we decided to bring our families to experience Spring jam with us! The Rumble ride is sanctioned under different insurance so we are able to ride UTV's and have passengers... a perfect time to bring along to kids for a ride! My son Kaeden wasn't going to let me get away without putting him in the razor with me.. so after 4 men and 20 minutes later his car seat was strapped in and we were ready to go!

It was really a neat experience being one of over 250 participants on the ride into town... Oastler park drive and Bowes St. in Parry Sound had volunteers and Police waving us through all the lights.. and lots of people were out waving and watching as we rumbled on by

As day one closes the ride heads out of town back to the fairgrounds.. by this time my son is dozing in the backseat of the truck... well past bedtime....

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