Monday, April 20, 2009

Ride with Bucky Covington

Talk about surprises! This isn't Bucky's first ride on the HMT..and he's nooo rookie either! Talk about great luck! This trip luke has planned is going to be a tough one to beat!

thanks to steve cook for the video!
The trails in the area are awesome... we headed out from Mountain Breeze Motel and headed a short .5miles to the Rockhouse Trail system (formerly the browning fork trail system) right accross the road from wally's - awesome spot for breakfast, lunch or dinner!

The trails....
They offer EVERYTHING! from easy- well let's just call em Black diamonds.. DIFFICULT! We had a little bit of everything.. and then throw in a bit of rain overnight and you got it ... MUD!

There really is a bit of trail for different levels of experience and no shortage of breathtaking views!

But , well you know how it goes when you get a lot of testosterone in the area... IT WAS ON! seemed like being a twin gave you rights to tag team other people.. one instance really comes to mind.. I was admiring the scenery when out of nowhere come two KTM's on either side of me. i quickly look up and see a LARGE mud puddle.. well really it was the size of a small lake.. and I was just about to get a little muddy.... a bike on each side passed me and then jumped in front of me.. ya you guessed it.. this girl went from clean to dirty in a matter of seconds.. i wiped off my glasses and started to plot revenge.....

After a great day of riding we ended up back at the motel and a quick shower, a hose down outside for most of us in the car wash and we were in Bill's backyard having a fabulous bbq and a jam session !!!

An awesome trip!!! Thanks to Hatfield McCoy, Bucky's crew and of course our fearless and organized leader Bill!!! hope to see everyone soon!

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