Sunday, August 30, 2009

Quebec Part Deux!

ok, so just when you think things can't be topped.. we had a totally different experience for our second day of riding...
Doug and I got up early and headed out from Roberval, and made our way to Saint David de Falardeau. Our home for the rest of the trip.. Auberge Carcajou, we arrived in time to get unpacked and have an early lunch before we headed out for the afternoon. This spot is fantastic if you don't want to bring your atv's, or don't have any.. they have rentals and guides available to make your trip that much easier! Charles was our fearless leader for the day and we headed out behind him not sure what to expect!

We were able to convince Nancy that she should come along with us again today.. HOWEVER not as a passenger....! ERRR yesterday would have been better trails for a beginer.. but boy she didn't hold us back and she even got thru a lot of mud and muck!!! Best yet she's alive and enjoyed it!! Maybe this winter we'll get her on her own snowmobile!! ???

This area, know as the Saguenay & fjords, has some very hilly terrain.. ok yes they are mountains! the local club was even out in full force with a backhoe cleaning up the trail. Our destination was a look out.. wayyyyyy up, this riding was awesome! Really bumpy and some very steep sections.. I was smiling.... the entire ride.. i think maybe nancy was cringing and clenching her jaw... but the view from the top was well worth it!!

Err now to come down.. we just kept enticing Nancy with what Emy had created for dinner... All I could think about was how fantastic lunch was... (ok i'm actually salivating thinking about what we had for dinner) This gal can cook! everything is fresh from the area and a lot of it is even on site! There was Lamb, Salmon and chicken to choose from.. I guess I was asking too much for one of each! I have had a few meals at 5 star locations... this is right up there with them.. a nice homey atmosphere with brand new rooms.. Mark my word this is going to be the "spot" to go!


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